Poop Bag Holder - Floral
Poop Bag Holder - Floral
Poop Bag Holder - Floral

Poop Bag Holder - Floral

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Lets face it. Poop bags are nothing to rave about; however they are when you can get a funky one from Willa + Co. Our Poop Bag Holders are made from Waterproof Neoprene so they are super easy to keep clean and not a worry if they get wet.

Our Poop Bag Holders are designed to make your life easy when taking your pooch for a walk as they are also great for storing keys, treats and much more. They also feature a strong durable clip allowing you to clip on to the leash, pram etc.


  • Designed for convenience and style
  • Waterproof Neoprene material 
  • Sturdy heavy duty clip to attach to a Harness, Collar or even a pram.
  • All colours and designs match with our Willa + Co's Collar & Bow Tie, Lead, Reversible Harness and Adjustable Harness
  • Small zip to easily replace bags inside
  • Bags inside are included 
  • Comes with dust bag

Care Instructions:

To clean your items we recommend hand washing them. Just place a small amount of soap (no harsh chemicals) on your dog items and scrub well then hang to dry.

As stylish as our items are (and don't want to take them off) we recommend that you avoid wearing you Willa + Co items to rough play dates and muddy adventures to avoid harsh stains and discolouration.

Poop Bag Holder - Floral