About Us

My name is Briony and live with my partner Benny and pug Nahla in the beautiful Kimberley's of Broome, Western Australia. I was born and raised in Broome and am forever grateful I was bought up in such a beautiful community with my family.

I love the beach, camping, fishing and my dream is to one day travel the world. I decided to start Willa + Co when I lost my little pug Willow at the age of just 3 being hit by a car. After losing Willow our lives were never the same and we made the tough decision to get another little pug and we named her Nahla.

The name "Willa" came to me when I decided I wanted to name my business after one of the 2 most important things in my life which is Willow and Nahla. I am such a dog lover at heart and wanted to create something of my own that I was passionate about and that is when Willa + Co was born. 

A little about me:

  • Im a Capricorn (my OCD is crazy) and everything has to be in order and perfect!
  • My mum is my inspiration and best friend. I would love to follow in her footsteps and hope one day I can make Willa + Co as successful as her business @bareleather
  • I have a big heart for animals and wildlife. When I was younger I saved a baby blue tongue and let is sleep in my bed for days until it got better
  • I have two younger sisters Paige and Tahni. Some days they drive me crazy but we have a bond that no one can compare. I am forever grateful to have them and they are my best friends
  • I am loyal, passionate and generous to my family and friends
  • I love clothes shopping (sometimes a little too much) 
  • I love to feed the homeless and am a law abiding citizen



Willa + Co

ABN: 32 819 107 328


PO Box 6401, Broome WA 6725

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0427 408 548